Q & A for Those Thinking About Placing an Order!

We know you have many questions about our forms and hope you will find the answers here to frequently asked questions!  Not seeing your question here?  Please let us know by emailing orders@awesomebreastforms.org.

What size should I order?  We ask that you order the CUP SIZE of the bras that you currently wear or last wore. We are able to craft forms to fit your needs, including 1/2 size cups.

How much do the forms cost?  Our forms are 100% free of charge to any woman in need. The cost of materials and shipping are paid for by our volunteers.

How long will it take to get my forms?  We know you are anxious to receive your forms and very much appreciate your patience.  Forms are made to order and may come to you from another country depending on where the volunteer lives.  We ask that you expect your order to take 4 to 6 weeks and please wait 8 weeks before contacting us to inquire about your order.

I haven’t had my surgery yet.  How far in advance should I order?  Women tell us that it is usually 3 to 4 weeks before they feel like having anything against their skin. They also tell us that having their new forms waiting for them is a comfort.  So if you know for sure that you will need regular forms or swim forms, feel free to order in advance.  Please be sure to tell us you haven’t had your surgery yet. If you are having a lumpectomy, you can wait to see what your needs are or if you like, order now and a volunteer from our Custom Team will help you figure out your needs post surgery.

Can I use regular forms in my swimsuit?  You can but why not order swim forms?! Our swim forms are made using acrylic yarn and available for both Active Swimmers and Casual Waders.  Stuffing depends on your usage and needs. Swim forms are intended to be used in mastectomy bathing suit pockets to help keep them in place. And like our regular forms, Swim Forms are 100% free of charge.

How often can I order forms?  We hope this question means you are enjoying your forms and find them comfy!  You are welcome to order back up (wash day) forms as soon as you know your first order fits you well.  It will take longer for you to receive your back up forms because we try to get to everyone and the need is great.  It may take 3-4 months before you receive your back up order.  AFTER that, we ask that you limit your orders to a maximum of once every 6 months for regular and swim forms.

I have allergies.  What are the forms made of?  Our regular forms are made from approved 100% cotton yarns. Our swim forms are made of acrylic.

Are the forms adjustable?  Yes!  Forms are easily adjustable up or down about 1/2 cup size.

How do I take care of my forms?  You will receive detailed care instructions along with your order.  Please review them.

I would like the pattern to make my own.  Can you send it to me?  No.  As you can imagine, a great deal of work has gone into creating Awesome Breastforms.  Patterns are only shared with volunteers.

Why don’t you ship to my country?  Several countries make shipments to ladies there difficult. Packages get stolen or go missing and in some countries, ladies must “pay” to get their forms.  Often packages to these countries are returned as undeliverable after traveling the globe for many months.  In an effort to protect the resources that are so generously given by our volunteers, we will not process orders from these countries.

Who can order Awesome Breastforms?  Awesome Breastforms are for ladies who have had mastectomies, lumpectomies, explant or who have a physical developmental condition.  We recognize that others may want our forms but we limit our forms to women in these categories.

Will the same crafter make both my regular and swim forms?  It is possible but not an absolute. So if you receive your swim forms only it means that your regular forms will be arriving in another package.

Can I ask for the volunteer who made my first forms to make my back up forms? Absolutely!  We’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Just add a note in the Special Request section of the order form.

I have a friend who is a volunteer.  May I request that she make my forms?  You sure can!  We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your request.  Just include her name in the Special Request section when you order.

Will I be contacted?  How will I get the forms?  If you are ordering custom forms or if we need additional information about what you are asking for in your regular or swim form order, you may be contacted either phone or email.  The volunteer contacting you will identify herself as an Awesome Breastforms volunteer.  Please respond to her contact as soon as possible so that she can continue creating your order.  If you don’t respond, you may not receive your forms. Forms are sent in small boxes or mailer envelopes. The volunteer’s return address and your address information are all that will be on the package.  We NEVER identify what is inside or include Awesome Breastforms on the package.  Packages are typically sent USPS.

I’m a little uncomfortable about a total stranger having my contact information. What do you do with my information?  This is a very important question!  Your application information is sent directly to us at Awesome Breastforms. Your order is posted to our volunteers and they are ONLY given your first name and last initial and the City/State that you live in.  Once the volunteer accepts your order, she will only receive your address – not your email or phone number.  If your order is a Custom Order, the volunteer will receive your  phone number and email address so that she may contact you if necessary. Your information is NEVER sold to or shared with another organization and every effort is made to keep your information private. We recognize and respect your concern for privacy and share only what is absolutely necessary for your order to get created and processed.

What are Custom Forms?  Custom orders are made by our Custom Team volunteers. Typically, custom orders include lumpectomy orders or any time a woman needs something that isn’t a regular form.  It might reflect two breasts that aren’t the same size, specialized lumpectomy needs, expander use or forms needed as a result of a customized surgery. We hope you will feel free to share as much as you can in the Special Requests section of the order application. If you have had a lumpectomy or need something special, please look for an email or phone call from the volunteer making your order.  She may not be able to fulfill your order without additional necessary information.

Do you make custom swim forms?  Yes!  Just complete the swim form application and share as much as you can in the Special Request section.

Can I order a sample pack for my doctor’s office?  No.  We are thrilled that you want to share our information with your medical team and we are happy to share a sample pack with them but we do ask that they make the request directly to us.  If you give them our email address or one of the business cards that you will receive in your package, they can contact us directly.  Sample packs will ONLY be shared when the request is made by appropriate office staff.

I’d love to order a set for my friend (sister, aunt, mother, neighbor, etc.) who is facing surgery.  Can I place the order?  Sure!  Please clarify on the order form if the order is a surprise and who it is shipping to – you or the wearer.  Our volunteers include a personalized note so it is helpful to know who is actually receiving  the package. If you want the order to be a surprise but shipped directly to your friend, we can help with that, too. Please be sure to include the correct cup size for the order – we must have it.

Should I tell other women about Awesome Breastforms?  Oh!!!  We hope you will! Just give her one of the business cards that we send along in your order and ask her to visit our website. Thank you!!!

Can I donate?  I’d love to send you some money to support what Awesome Breastforms is doing for ladies!  You are very kind and we are so happy that you are enjoying your forms and appreciate what we are doing. However, Awesome Breastforms does NOT accept monetary donations. Our forms are 100% free of charge to any woman in need. We do recognize that some ladies will feel uncomfortable accepting something for free so we have created an amazon.com wishlist.  If you visit our Awesome Breastforms How To Help page on our website, the link is toward the bottom of the page. We never want anyone to feel obligated.  Donations are appreciated and are used to assist with outreach or volunteers in need of supplies.  Our volunteers pay for all materials and shipping. Thank you!

What is KAB?  KAB is Keeping A Breast With Awesome Breastforms – our Facebook forum page!  We welcome wearers or ladies who have placed their order to join.  The forum is made up of wearers like you who have questions about forms or who are looking for suggestions or ideas.  There’s lots of encouragement and great ideas there so we hope you’ll join this “private” FB page.  Membership is limited to wearers.  Please find the link on the Welcome page.

I want to volunteer!!!  Awesome!  Please check out the How to Become an Awesome Volunteer link on our website! Most questions are answered there. Complete the application and follow the instructions that follow.

How do I know if my order went thru to you? You will receive an automated response letting your know that your order has been sent to us.  If you have spam filters, you may want to check in there to make sure our email response didn’t wind up there.

How can I thank my volunteer for making these amazing forms?!  We love feedback! There is a page on our website titled Loving My Awesome Curves! where you can comment or you can leave your thoughts on our forum page, Keeping A Breast With Awesome Breastforms!  (Please see the question above about KAB.)  We grow with feedback and welcome it!