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beckys back
Loving my beautiful and comfy breast form that was made just for me!  I teared up thinking how thoughtful and loving a gesture this is, making breast forms for women like me who need them.”  ♥  Melanie, Texas

“Where have you been the past 2 years?!!  I love love love love my new form.  I hate the faux one from the hospital.  It’s heavy and so not me!  My new form you sent me actually stays in place.  I look great again!  Thank you!”  ♥ Jen, Maryland

“OMG, this wonderful breastform has made me tear up!  I have a silicone one that just doesn’t work at all, don’t wear it.  But this is perfect and I can wear all of my old wonderful bras!  What a wonderful gift!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!”  ♥ Judith, Kentucky

I was in instant tears the second I opened my package containing my new Awesome Breastform.  It is so beautiful and soft and you can feel the love that went into it.  Thank you all so much!”  ♥ Heidy, Georgia

It’s amazing how light this breast form is!  I paid $500 for a silicone form and it is hot, heavy and uncomfortable in hot weather.  I am so grateful that I found out about this wonderful gift!”  ♥  Geneva, Ohio

I received my breast forms a few days ago and would like to say a BIG thank you!  They are very comfortable and do not get hot and wet.  You are definitely an awesome group of ladies to give back to others!  I am grateful to all of you!”  ♥  Jennifer, Florida

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only from me but from the other breast cancer women out there, too.  Thank you for making these awesome forms for us.  Me, personally, I could not afford the silicone prosthetics.  I do have insurance but it will only cover about 1/2 of the cost.  I had to pay for all of it up front and that I could not do.  So I am very thankful that you wonderful ladies take your time and own supplies to make these and ship them to us.  I received my box today and as I opened it, I became overwhelmed at how beautifully wrapped it was.  I received a special note.  Thank you for giving me some of my self-esteem back.  God bless you!”  ♥  Peggy, Kentucky

I just want to send you a BIG thank you!  My breast forms are absolutely awesome! This has been a very hard adjustment for me.  I’m not sure what I want to do about reconstruction so the forms will make me feel much more comfortable.  And for that, I can’t thank you enough.  God bless!”  ♥ Alice, Ohio

Thank you for my new breast forms.  I love them!!  I had my surgery almost 3 months ago and these are perfect.  God bless all you wonderful angels who make these for us.  I feel more confident wearing mine.  Nice to have my curves back!”  ♥ Sonia, Ontario

I received my forms yesterday and they are just great!  I can’t thank you enough – they are just what I needed.  I have tried silicone prosthetics and they are too hot with hot flashes.  Microbeads are too perky and ride up for a 44 year old.  I had microfill forms made but the knit covers are too flimsy to keep shape.  These are the best of all!  Cool, lightweight & shaped for a mature form and my husband actually said they are the most realistic because they are springy vs all the others.  I will definitely tell others about them and about the graciousness of the women knitting them as the silicone forms are so expensive.  For those without insurance it is a great burden to afford.  Thank you so much!”  ♥  Sara, Connecticut

Thank you so much for my lumpectomy form.  I did take just a pinch of stuffing out and it fits perfectly!  I wore it to a party event yesterday and completely forgot that I was wearing it!  I’ll be taking it with to show my surgeon and oncologist.”  ♥ Mae, Mississippi

I didn’t know if I would qualify for these forms because I had reconstruction that turned out to be very hard and only project off my chest an inch or two.  But you kindly let me receive a form and now when I slip this into my post mastectomy bras, I’m seeing what looks like healthy breast and nipple!  I’m thrilled!  I shed tears of gratitude, as did my husband.  We are both so touched by your mission to help others.”  ♥ Margaret, Kansas
 pastel front

“Thank you so much.  You ladies are awesome!  I can’t thank you enough for my breast forms.  You really make a difference in people’s lives.  God bless you all!”  ♥  Colleen, New South Wales

“My package came last night and I had forgot that I had ordered them.  What a wonderful surprise when I opened the box.  I put them on this morning and OMG … they were so comfortable.  The best thing is when I got to work, so many of my coworkers told me how good and how real they look.  I am so happy with them.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for blessing me and all other survivors who could not be reconstructed.  Also, one of my coworkers was so impressed, she is going to volunteer to make them!  Got bless you!”  ♥  Sandra, Illinois

“Thank you for making my breast forms.  They are very comfy and I sure needed them as my original silicone form burst.  Sweet lady, you are a lifesaver.  I am disabled and on a fixed income and can’t afford my share of a new silicone form.  Thank you Awesome Ladies!”  ♥  Sheila, Georgia

“I just went to my mailbox and had such a wonderful surprise!  I just ordered my forms a few days ago and they are already here!  I brought my box in with such excitement.  I can’t believe someone cares so much to make these for me.  They came wrapped so sweetly with a pink lace ribbon with diamond rhinestone where the nipple should be.  So thoughtful!  It made me feel special.  I have them on now and they are wonderful, very light but firm enough to stay in place well.  Thank you so much.  You are a blessing to me and many others.  May you receive back ten fold all that you give to others!”  ♥  Sheila, North Carolina

“Thank you so much for sending me my Awesome Breastforms!  They are beautifully made!  I am very grateful.  NYC is very swampy and hot right now but I am going to try the forms out as soon as possible!”  ♥ Rachel, New York

“Thank you so much for the knitted breast form.  It’s been a difficult adjustment and this makes it a little easier.  Thank you again!  You are an amazing person.”                             ♥ Felicia, California

“Thank you so much for my Awesome Breastform.  I just received it today and I am so happy with it!  Not only is it pretty, soft, light weight and cool, it is also very comforting knowing that it was hand-made for me by some wonderful, caring person.  I can’t thank you enough!”  ♥  Patti, Florida

“I smiled with delight as soon as I opened my package with the breast forms in it.  They are so wonderful!  They are nude color with pink nipples and are so soft!  She sent extra fill so that I can make them as fluffy as I want.  They are a work of art!  Thank you so much!”  ♥  Patricia, Virginia

“Received my awesome breast form today.  Love it!  Thank you so much.  Having it makes me feel whole again.  Again, all I can say is thanks!”  ♥  Leatrice, Mississippi


“OMG! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH everyone there at Awesomebreastforms.org.! I just got my beautiful foobies. I’ve been going flat since I live in Texas and it’s hot here. My foobs are plastic and heavy and I’d rather be flat. Now I’m going to be curvy thanks to the angels who make these foobs for us. May God continue to bless you all a million times over. They are so soft and especially very light weight. I love them!!! Pink is my favorite color also. Love you all so much for what you all do!”  ♥ Nora, Texas

“I received my two beautiful boobs and they are wonderful! Obviously made with care and love, they are feminine, soft and light (just like all of us women, right?)!  I’d show a picture, but I’m wearing them!”  ♥ Melanie, Texas

“I haven’t healed from bilateral mastectomy yet, but am looking forward to the day when I can wear my new curves! Thank you!”  ♥ Barbara, Alabama

“My great form arrived today!!! I have a really nice silicon form but this one takes the cake! I have worn it all day…no riding up! I was afraid it would be too light and ride up, but it’s great! No Problems!  Thanks for this gift! I will surely share this site with the many survivors I know….you are indeed awesome for doing this for the thousands of us…God Bless all of you!”  ♥ Mary, Indiana

“We received the package last week and the breast forms are sooo wonderful!  The doctor especially loves the one with the nipple piercing (size tag) LOL!  She is going to buy some sort of cute basket to put them in to show our patients.  We have already had several patients that wanted the business cards for friends and family members.  We want to thank you again for being so nice and accommodating to our office.  I will email you when we are in need of more.  Thank your ladies again for sending such a wonderful assortment!”  ♥  Dawn, medical staff, Ohio

“I ordered one for my grandma and she absolutely loves it!  She loves everything about it and thanked me very much for it, but I have to thank this volunteer group for devoting the time and energy for the ladies in need of these forms.  Thank you all very much!!” ♥  Courtney, West Virginia

“I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the Awesome Breastforms you made me.  I look forward to wearing them.  They are so much lighter than my prosthetics and will be much more comfortable.  I appreciate what you do to help survivors across the country. You are indeed special people!”  ♥ Carol, Texas

“Thank you for the service you provide.  I am happy with the quality product and the look.  Thank you again!”  ♥ Amy, Kansas

Libby multi blue

“I received my breastform on Saturday before the estimated Monday arrival. It is so beautiful to me. I can’t put into words how I felt the first day I wore it. I just put it in a regular bra that didn’t have a pocket and it stayed perfectly in place. It works so much better than that expensive, heavy silicone form I’ve been having to use. It was so light and comfortable. I think it’s the first time in nearly 9 years that I can say that I didn’t think about how even my breasts looked for a whole day. It was so comfortable I didn’t even think about it. The ribbon wrapped around my form when I opened my package just added such a special touch. When I saw it I couldn’t help but cry. Someone taking the time to do something so special with their hands for someone they don’t even know touched me very deeply. My husband came in the bedroom while I was changing bedsheets a couple of nights ago and he saw it on the dresser. He picked it up and asked if this was what was in my package. I told him yes. He looked at it closely and said he remembered his Mother crocheting/knitting. He commented on the tiny stitches and how kind it was of whoever made it for me.  I shall treat it like a baby. I know I must sound silly, but I am sincere. I just love it so much…and love you and all of the special folks that take the time to make someone else’s days brighter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”                           ♥ Rhonda, North Carolina

“Thank you for sending some cheer to someone who has been through a very rough time.  When I wear these, I will feel the love and support of this volunteer group!  Thank you all very much.”  ♥  Shannon, British Columbia

“Thanks for a wonderful job.  I love these!!   They are so light and comfortable. God bless you all for your awesome work!”  ♥ Tonie, Tennessee.

“Thank you for making my new breast forms.  They are so soft and comfortable!  You gave me a wonderful surprise the day they arrived in the mail.  With big hugs of gratitude!”  ♥ Lisa, North Carolina


“My forms arrived today and they are awesome! And what makes them double special is the knowledge that they were made with love. I am so grateful. Thank you for making mine! XXX”   ♥  Marie, Connecticut

“I love this Boob. It is so much more comfortable than any other one I got. I hated the heavy one I got from the specialty store. Thank you and I hope you know what a difference you ladies are making in our lives.”  ♥ Penny,  Ohio

“I received a breast form and I am wearing it almost daily. At first it looked much too large to be a B cup, but I removed some of the padding and it works fine. I took it to our breast cancer support group and let them see the product and told them where it came from. I also told them I would be giving it a trail wearing during the next month.  So far I am quite pleased. It is comfortable and much cooler in our Florida weather than the standard form. I have not washed it yet but will be following instructions on that soon.  I just wanted to say thank you for sending it and for all your work in this area. Our support group was founded to help women cope with diagnosis and treatment, so we appreciate your efforts.  With gratitude!  ♥ Kay, Florida

“I just received mine and I love them. Great job ladies.”  ♥ Judith, Wisconsin

“I just received my breast forms and I am so excited!  They are perfect!  I have the prosthetics but they are so heavy and uncomfortable and these are so lightweight and wonderful!  Thank you for making my forms for me and for the wonderful things you are doing for women.  You are truly angels from above!”  ♥ Tammy, California

D front

“I just received my Awesome Breastform.  It came so quickly and made me feel so special that someone would do that for me.  What a wonderful service this is.  Thank you!”  ♥ Julie, Texas

Pastel back

“I received the awesome breasts and love them. They are very light and comfortable! Thank you for all you do. You are much appreciated!”  ♥ Carol, California

“I want to express my thanks for my lovely form which I am wearing right now. It’s SO much better than the ghastly, hot and heavy prosthetics we are given and even in this hot weather, it feels cool. The shape and size is right for me and I am so very pleased with it. If it gets *really* hot I might wrap a couple of ice cubes in cling film and pop them
inside!  Thank you again for my fabulous form!”  ♥ Shelley, United Kingdom

“Thank you for doing the breast form for me.  That was very kind of you and I believe the form is the correct size and will work perfect!  I only wear it when I go out of the house. When I am at home, I am much, much more comfortable not wearing a bra.  Thanks again.  I hope today is a day full of blessings for you.  In fact, every day is a blessing!”      ♥  Mary, Montana

“I just want to thank you for making this breast form for me.  It tells me what a wonderful person you are for taking your time and money to do this for people you don’t even know. I want to thank you again.  It’s perfect for me!”  ♥ Becky

“Hi.  I received my new breast form today, its so beautiful & so comfortable.  I love it! Thank you so much for giving me back my curves… A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the Wonderful Ladies that give their time & effort to make them for all of us Breast Cancer patients.  You’re doing an amazing service.. Thank you Thank you.. xxxx”   ♥ Izzy, Australia

“Just received my awesome breast form!! Its super soft, and so well made and came with extra stuffing. Thank you for your beautiful work. God bless you and this organization for this selfless act of kindness… Its truly appreciated. There are things available at no cost as a cancer patient online, and I must say everything I’ve gotten has been so special. People out of the kindness of their heart choose to help strangers in such a unique
way!  I’m sure my remaining breast will become bosom buddies with my form!
Thank you again!!”  ♥ Loretta, California

“I received my forms today and immediately slipped them into my bra. I was wearing a silk blouse that I had worn to work and when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked like the person I was before my mastectomy. I can’t tell you the difference you have made in my life. My heartfelt thanks to Lori of New Mexico who made my forms.  God bless you all!”  ♥ Phyllis, New York

“Hi.  My name is Maxine and I live in Scotland.  I have received my lovely foobs yesterday and I would like to thank my volunteer for taking the time out of her life and making them for me, a complete stranger.  My love has no bounds for her dedication, her love and kindness.  Thanks again, huge hugs and loads of love!  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”  ♥ Maxine, Scotland

“I received my Awesome Breastform in the mail and had actually forgotten I had ordered it.  I wasn’t expecting it so early!  I had to make a few adjustments.  Mine came with a flap so it was easy.  I had a double mastectomy but there were 15 years in between.  Even though I had reconstruction, my second breast is two times smaller than the first one and I have to wear a form in order to be the same size.  With the hot weather now and visiting family in Virginia, the rubber forms are hot and heavy and I find myself sweating.  Also, after swimming, I have to take the cold wet form out and put it into my bra and it is not comfortable.  With this new form I have found it to be very comfortable, very natural looking and feeling, and not hot and sticky at all!  Thank you so much for helping to make my summer a comfortable one.  This is my first year with the second mastectomy and being lopsided is not a good thing, but being hot and sticky is almost worse.  Thanks for making me feel better and look better!”  ♥ Michelle, New York

“What an unexpected and healing gift to receive.  I truly believe in paying it forward and I can’t wait to try these!  I have already passed on your website to a friend in need of your service.  Many thanks!”  ♥ Kerri, North Carolina

“A heartfelt thank you for my crocheted breast forms.  They are so comfortable to wear!”   ♥ Laura, New Zealand

“I just received my breastforms today and I am so grateful and absolutely love them!  Ladies, please continue the great work!”  ♥ Shauna, Ontario

“I love the breast forms I received.  They are awesome!!!”  ♥ Jimmie Sue, Texas

Margarets back

“I received my awesome breast form in the mail and actually forgot I had ordered it.  I wasn’t expecting it so early.  I had to make a few adjustments.  Mine came with a flap, so the adjusting was very easy.  I had a double mastectomy but there was 15 years in between.  Even though I had reconstruction, my second breast is two times smaller than the first one and I have to wear a form in order to be the same size. With the hot weather now and visiting my son in Virginia, the rubbery forms are very hot and heavy and I find myself sweating.  Also after swimming I have to take the cold, wet form out and put it back in the bra and it is not comfortable.  With this new form I have found it to be very comfortable, very natural looking and feeling and not hot and sticky at all.  Thank you so much for helping make my summer a comfortable one.  This is my first year with the second mastectomy and being lopsided is not good but being hot and sticky is almost worse.  Thanks for making me feel better and look better.”  ♥ Michelle, New York

“Thank you so much for taking the time and for caring to volunteer to knit prosthetics.  The “foobs” are lovely!  It makes a big difference for the ladies going through diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  You are a star!!”  ♥  Bess, Virginia

“Thank you for this awesome service.  The breast form is the perfect size and is so comfortable.  I love it!!  thank you to the special lady that made it for me!”                      ♥ Nicole, New York

“My ‘boobs’ came in the mail today.  All I can say is thank you!!  they are so light and comfortable it is incredible.  I will certainly tell all of my Survivor Sisters.  You ladies are great!!!”  ♥ Kathleen, New York

“I want to thank you for my awesome ‘goons!’  I LOVE THEM!  Thank you so much!  (((hugs)))!”  ♥ Karen, Florida

“I just got my breast form and I love it!!  It looks great and so natural under my clothes.  Thank you so much!”  ♥ Becky, Missouri

“I received my breast forms today.  Thank you very much!  They are well appreciated.”   ♥ Sandra, West Indies

“Thanks so much for the “foobs!”  They are comfortable and soft!”  ♥ Gail, Michigan

“Thank you for the beautiful, custom-made breast form.  I am surprised by how fast you did it (less than a week!)  The colors are so pretty and I like the charm that says, “Made With Love.”  I can tell that you put a lot of care into making it.  It is much more comfortable to wear than the silicone one that I have.  I barely notice it!  Thank you so much for your amazing gift!”  ♥ Kristina, Ohio

“It is a blessing what you ladies do.  I always hated wearing a bra until now.  Being able to wear my own bra makes me feel whole!”  ♥ Emily, Michigan

“Thank you so much for the forms you made for me!  Hugs and prayers to you!”                ♥ Connie, Illinois

“I just received my breast forms today and I am so grateful and absolutely love them!  Ladies, please continue the great work!”  ♥ Shauna, Ontario

“I just love my new breast forms.  It is really starting to get hot in Baltimore Ravens Town and they are more comfortable than the silicone ones.  I adore the fun colors and my husband was quite happy they were not made in black and gold!  I was also surprised to get your package since I just requested them last week.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to us.  Many thanks and love!”  ♥ Robin, Maryland

“I received your breast forms today and they are really awesome!  You are really God’s true servants!  More power to your organization!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”  ♥ Monina, Philippines

“Thank you so much for the crocheted awesome breast forms.  It was a nice surprise to get them.  I have not been able to get anything to wear yet because the radiation area is still very tender.  I wore these to a party last night and all the ladies thought they were perfect!  Thanks again for your wonderful work!  ♥ Jimmie Sue, Texas

“I love, love, love my knockers!  Thank you to all!!!  I didn’t really expect much when I read they were crocheted, but they are amazing and fit perfectly in my sports bra, like they’ve always been a part of me!  God Bless you all!”  ♥ Andrea, Texas

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Your kindness is amazing and the time and resources you have put into making me this lovely set of breast forms is appreciated.  My husband was impressed at how much they look like real ones once put into my bra.  It is such a wonderful feeling to have my figure back.  God bless you!”  ♥ Jennifer, Ontario

“I received my foobs today.  Thank you so very much.  They are so soft and comfy and actually look like real breasts under my clothing.  Bless you, sister, for helping us feel somewhat whole again!”  ♥ Lisa, California

“Thank you SO much for the adorable knitted breast forms!  They’re so cute!  That was such a nice surprise and such a wonderful thing to make and send to us for free.  Hugs!!”  ♥ Stephane, Michigan

“I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I received my breast forms this week and I absolutely looovvve them!!  Thank you so much for making them.  You can’t imagine how much of a difference they have made to my life.  We have just started spring here so the weather is getting warmer and even on mild days, my prosthetic was very hot to wear, so I was dreading summer.  My new breast form is so light and comfortable, I forget I am wearing it!  I am telling everyone I know how amazing they are so do not be surprised if you start to get a lot of orders from NZ.  Thank you again to all the wonderful and generous volunteers.  You are truly making a difference!  ♥ Michelle, New Zealand

“Thank you so much.  you have made me feel whole again.”  ♥ Ellen, Kentucky

“Words can’t begin to say what I feel.  Thank you so much for what you are doing for women all over the place.  I am so deeply touched.  God’s blessings to you and anyone else who aids in this project.”  ♥ Theresa, Kansas

“Today I received my knitted breast forms which you so graciously made for me.  I just wanted to let you know that they are wonderful and truly appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to make them.  I am truly touched by your generosity!”  ♥  Marci, Florida

“I can’t tell you how much I love them!”  Teri, Texas

“They are so cute!  Thank you so much for taking the time and experience to make these for me.  What a wonderful gift you did for a total stranger!”  ♥ Connie, New Jersey

“I just wanted to thank you for the knitted breast forms that I received in the post.  My back is already loving it!  I came across the site by accident and when I found out what you lovely people do, I thought it was a great thing.  Keep up the fantastic work as there are lots of us that really appreciate what is being done.” ♥ Deb, Australia

“I wanted to send you a special thank you for the beautiful breast form that you made for me.  I appreciate your time and care in making them.  I have no plans for reconstruction so they will get plenty of wear.  They are so soft and comfortable.  I love them!!  God bless!” ♥ Cindy

“Thank you so much for your kindness and blessings.  I love my new hand made breast. They keep me much cooler than the other ones. Words just can’t express the pleasure you have brought me.”  ♥ Irma, Illinois

“Thank you for my set of knitted breast forms!  I am glad that I have them in preparation for my upcoming surgery.  Thank you for taking the time to help me.”  ♥ Susie, Missouri

“Thank you so much for the breast forms you sent me.  They are wonderful and in clothes so realistic.  You probably don’t realize what a wonderful blessing you and others are to someone like me.  These forms that you sent are perfect – like they were custom made just for me!  I don’t want another major surgery (reconstruction) so I’m very pleased and feel good about how I look in my clothes.  That is so kind and thoughtful what you are doing for others.  May God bless you!”  ♥ Barbara, Ohio

“I want to thank you for the breast forms!  I appreciate the time and skill and love you put into them for me.  Thank you!”  God bless you!” ♥ Joan, Tennessee 

“The boobs came and oh my goodness … not only are they awesome, but using the southwestern colors was the neatest idea ever!  Thank you a hundred times over!!”     ♥ Lori Ann, Idaho