How to Become an Awesome Volunteer

Do you crochet or knit?  Would you like to join our family of volunteers?  We would love to have you help us give women new curves!

Here’s what you need to know!

∗ Volunteer Requirements ∗

Awesome Breastforms Volunteers are women who have huge hearts and are willing to grow and improve in their craft. They take quality very seriously and are willing to work with our Quality Assurance teams to ensure the breastforms are completely awesome. They are women who have a genuine commitment to helping women around the world.

Volunteers pay all expenses; approved yarn, stuffing, business cards, shipping supplies and postage fees. Women who order are often quite sensitive to smells so in addition to providing forms that are completely smoke-free, special care should be taken to avoid perfumes, scents and exposure of the yarn or stuffing to pets of any kind.

Volunteers must also be able to complete their orders on a time deadline.  All volunteers must complete a minimum of one order every 60 days.  We want to give our recipients their forms with a fairly quick turnaround time so orders are expected to be completed and mailed within 3 weeks.  Please be honest with yourself, your abilities and your schedule when considering if you will be able to meet our criteria.

We coordinate our orders on our Facebook page. To participate, you must be able to join us on Facebook and use Facebook messaging efficiently.  Volunteers also must have the capability to take pictures and post them in messages and on Facebook.

∗ An Abbreviated Version of Our Process ∗

Every volunteer is matched with an experienced mentor who is available to help answer any questions and provide suggestions. We’ve found this to be a necessary requirement in order for our new volunteers to understand our processes. Volunteers have 30 days to get approved.  Photos of forms are posted to the Facebook page for suggestions and approval. Two forms are then sent in for final approval. When final approval is given, a volunteer may take orders.

Orders are posted on our Facebook page and approved volunteers can accept orders as they are offered. Personal information is never posted on the group page and we work very hard to maintain each woman’s privacy and the integrity of her information. The group page can only be viewed by approved volunteer members.  Each volunteer must produce at least one form every 60 days. Critique is a normal part of this process.

Special skills required: For knitters, you must be able to knit in the round using either dpns or the Magic Loop Method. No special skills are required for crocheters.

∗ Application Limitations ∗

The women who order our forms are often very sensitive to odors. Awesome Breastforms does not accept volunteers who smoke or who share a household with a smoker, including those who vape, period.

We do not accept applications in November or December. All applications are vetted by our Executive Team.

When you submit your volunteer application, you will receive an automated response with further instructions.  If you do not receive this email, please check your spam file.

That’s all there is to it!  If you are interested in getting more information and chatting with one of our members, we would love for you to complete the form below.

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