How to Order Awesome Swimforms

You asked for them!  Swimforms are now available from Awesome Breastforms!!!

The same group of dedicated volunteers who make Awesome Breastforms and custom order lumpectomy forms is now making swim forms, just for you!  We heard from many ladies who wanted to be able to enjoy swimming and sunning in our lightweight, comfortable and cooler forms.  Now you can order 100% free breast forms made especially for water activities.  These forms are made of acrylic yarn, which is better suited for use in water and chlorinated water.  They tuck discreetly inside the cup of your mastectomy bathing suit.  For those of you who would prefer to wear your regular swimsuit, there is a discussion in our Facebook forum, Keeping A Breast With Awesome Breastforms that details how you can transform your existing suit to use our forms!

You must provide us with your cup size – A, B, C, D, etc.  Prosthetic sizing may vary from one company to the next and does not provide us with accurate information necessary to create your form.  There is space on the form to give additional information if you need a form that is 1/2 way between two cup sizes, etc.

We are offering two different fill materials for the forms – each one serves a different purpose.  We ask that you choose one type of stuffing materials based on your needs. Your order will be shipped to you with a list of alternative stuffings that you can easily try at home!

Active swimmers should choose traditional poly-fil stuffing.  It is slightly heavier and will allow your forms to stay in place better with arm movement.

Casual waders, pool loungers or those enjoying hot tubs will prefer forms stuffed with nylon netting.  These forms dry more quickly.

Please review your order before sending to assure that all of your information is accurate – ESPECIALLY your address.  A good way to make sure that we’ll be able to ship to you is to run your address on google or another search engine to make sure it is a sufficient address for the post office.  If your order is returned to us for any reason, we may not be able to ship to you again.  You will receive an automated response after your order is received. If you don’t get the automated response, please check your spam filters.

Your order will be shipped in either a plain box or envelope.  There is no identifying information indicating that the package is from Awesome Breastforms – we respect your privacy.  The volunteer who makes your forms will include her return address. Packages that are “REFUSED” or not retrieved from the post office will not be shipped a second time.

These forms are available now for you ladies who swim regularly or who live in warmer climates.  It’s almost winter vacation time for the rest of us and summer is just around the corner!  Order your Swimforms today!!

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to give us feedback after you receive your forms.

Due to restrictive postal regulations in some countries, Awesome Breastforms may not be able to fulfill your order.  We do not ship to The Philippines, Viet Nam, India, UAE and parts of Africa at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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