How to Help

Thank you for your support of Awesome Breastforms!

One of the best ways you can help is by telling others about Awesome Breastforms. Your doctor, specialty staff and others involved in breast support to patients, mastectomy boutiques, non profits that support members of the community and others are welcome to visit our website and request a free sample pack that they can then share with their patients and clients.

Awesome Breastforms does not accept monetary donations.  This has been our policy since this group was created.

We are often asked by the women who love and wear our Awesome Breastforms, “How can I help?!”  Because of the overwhelming interest in helping to make sure that our volunteers are able to continue to create and ship our forms absolutely free of charge all across America and around the world, we have decided to accept donations of the materials that we use.

No one should ever feel obligated or in any way required to contribute.  It is our mission to provide Awesome Breastforms 100% free of charge to any woman who has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Should you want to help support Awesome Breastforms, a partial list of the materials we often use can be found on our “Wish List” on  ♥

Awesome Wish List