Our Volunteers Share Why They Joined Awesome Breastforms

AB knitted wild and crazy fronts no nip

Well, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 80 … she had both breasts removed (or as she called them, “water balloons!” and she lived til the age of 98. Italians are stubborn!  I know many friends that have been affected by this disease and since I have a passion for crocheting, I figured why not.  If I can crochet boobs for people and it makes them happy then I will crochet them everyday!  These are strong and amazing women and they deserve to feel beautiful everyday!  ♥ Theresa

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC).  I am so thankful that I am still alive and doing fairly well.  I quickly found out how expensive prosthetic forms are, as well as being hot and uncomfortably heavy.  Helping other women has always been a passion of mine.  What better way is there than giving back curves.  ♥ Heather

Wow – what an emotional question!  I have had my issues with breast tumors.  Some were just fat lumps and a couple of others were benign and one was one that could turn into a cancer, according to my doctor.  It was caught very early so all I needed to do was have it removed.  God was looking out for me.  I lost two very dear friends and a sister to cancer.  My one friend fought juvenile kidney cancer for about 10 years.  My other girlfriend fought breast cancer for 18 years and I lost my sister to cancer, which first showed up as cervical cancer when she was 26.  All three of these ladies not only fought their personal battles, but also became advocates for others who didn’t know how or couldn’t access services to assist them.  All three of them carried on their lives with dignity and a strength that I don’t know if I could find.  I do this in their honor and memory.  ♥ Darlene

Because I have been blessed in so many areas of my life, the very least I can do is to help someone else feel better and live more triumphantly!!  ♥ Laurel

This is a difficult question for me to answer!  I am a manic knitter!  I don’t work so I need something to do.  I saw the advert on Facebook and was moved to help.  My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year before I joined.  She is a lucky one.  She had an operation to remove the lump and several weeks of radiotherapy and is now nearly four years cancer free.  ♥ Nicky

I do it to support my twin.  She was diagnosed with IBC 15 years ago and DCIS years later.  One of the IBC ladies who was very supportive to my sister said, “Life is worth living if you can do something nice for someone every day.”  My sister has lived by Lee’s words of wisdom.  Unfortunately, Lee has passed on.  My sister remains the longest living survivor of IBC at her treatment centre.  I remember how pleased and surprised her surgeon was to see her at her first annual check-up.  She wasn’t expecting my sister to make it that far.  I do it as a thanks that I still have my only living close relative.  I have always admired my sister’s generosity.  This is only a small thank you to her and all other BC ladies who are pathfinders in fighting breast cancer.  ♥  Holly

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Because years ago when I needed it, someone helped me.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know I might bring a smile to a woman who needs it.  ♥ Lori

I wanted to do this because I thankfully have never had any form of cancer.  My father died of duodenal cancer when I was 20.  I have thought so many times I was dying from my kidney failure or heart problems, but blessedly, there is no cancer anywhere else in the near family.  But a friend died just Monday evening from cancer that had spread throughout her body.  Another impetus to do what I can do to help.  ♥ Carol

I wasn’t sure how to answer this question until yesterday when I received a thank you note from a lady who wrote to tell me how much she loved her new breast forms.  I guess that’s why I do this – because I know that our awesome breast forms can make a difference in the lives of women by giving them back their curves. What a great feeling it is to know I made someone else a little happier!  ♥ Karyn

I joined to help out.  One of my dear friends is in this group and I saw you all might be getting busy and I offered to help.  I am greatly touched by this mission and hope I can assist in helping other women.  Just reading the special messages here, I am deeply touched.  ♥ Jan