Welcome to Awesome Breastforms

Awesome Breastforms are created by a group of women who have come together for the single purpose of crocheting and knitting handmade prosthetic breast forms for women who have had breast surgery, including mastectomy, lumpectomy, explant surgery and women with developmental conditions. Many in the group know firsthand the devastating effects of breast surgery. Our forms are made of high quality 100% cotton fiber yarn. They are cooler, lighter and much more comfortable than traditional silicone prosthetics. You have several color options when ordering.  Awesome Breastforms are washable and easy to care for.  When you place an Awesome Breastform in your bra, you will be surprised at how similar it feels to a natural breast.  In fact, many women say they soon forget they are wearing them!

You deserve your curves!

Our breast forms are completely free to any woman who has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy.  Volunteers pay the cost of yarn, lovingly give their time to produce the forms and then pay for all shipping expenses.  Unlike other groups, we do not accept monetary donations.  All we ask is that you share our website information with others who may also be in need.

Thank you for allowing us to give you back your curves!

To order please click here.

AFTER you place your order, please consider joining our Facebook forum,   Keeping a Breast With Awesome Breastforms It’s the place for ideas and suggestions and for getting the most use from your Awesome Breastforms. You’ll meet other wearers and share encouragement and support. Please note, our forum page is ONLY for wearers.

Due to restrictive postal regulations in some countries, Awesome Breastforms may not be able to fulfill your order.  The countries that we do not ship to at this time include but are not limited to The Philippines, Viet Nam, India, China, UAE and parts of Africa at this time. Thank you for your understanding.